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Green Valley  School's philosophy can be summed up quiet simply - We believe that education should give primacy to three basic principles -it should combine modern knowledge with traditional wisdom; it should open young minds to the joy of learning and it should give students a sense of pride in their country.

Modern education emphasizes factual knowledge at the expense of ethical content. As a result of this bias , it produces one-sided individuals who are brilliant at handling technology and processing information , but spiritually empty. If this void is to be filled education must provide a firm foundation of ethical values, a core of beliefs and convictions that can enable students to find meaning and purpose in life and cope with its trial and tribulations.

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At Green Valley School people are expected to believe that success is not just a dream. We strive to achieve academic excellence and develop students into vibrant young leaders for tomorrow, hallmarked by their integrity and maturity eventually preparing them to excel in challenges of life and becoming good human being. We are committed to ensure that the full potential of your child is explored.

Principal's Desk

We aim to help children develop a well rounded personality through a sound foundation in academic, active participation in sports, art & cultural activities. We encourage freedom of expression, creativity, spirit of adventure and dignity of labour and develop a healthy respect for society & social causes

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