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Book Sem I - Oral

Reading practice of Lesson – 1,2,3,4,5( page no 3 – 32)

- Learn

Keywords Question / Ans 5 times of each Lesson


Write Question / Ans of each Lesson 2 Times in a separate copy


Write Naming words in copy, one and more than one

Project or Activity

 Make a chart paper of Naming words with their pictures

Learn Story

 The Monkey and cap seller


Reading of Lesson 1, 2, 3 (page no 5-7)

Cursive Handwriting

write page no 1 to 25




बारह खड़ी मात्राओं के शब्दों को नित्य पढ़ना(मधु पराग page no 6 to 43)

याद करना - कछुआ और खरगोश   
प्रश्न / उत्तर 1 से 4 पाठ याद करना और दो दो बार अलग कॉपी में लिखना
भाषा, वर्ण , वर्णमाला पाठ का अभ्यास करना
वर्णमाला  क से ज्ञ तक एक चार्ट paper बनाना

Learn table 2 to 10 and Number Name – 1 to 100


Numbers upto 20 , page no 64, 65, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 80, 81


Make chart – More and less , big and small, tall and short




Learn ques / Ans of lesson 1 to 4( page no 196 to 216)


write ques / Ans of each lesson 2 times in another copy


Make a chart of “My Body Parts”




Learn  Fruits name, Vegetables Name, Opposites , About Myself


Make any chart of fruits, vegetables with Baskets







Reading Practice - of lesson-1, 2, 3


Write New words, opposite words, unscramble words 4 times in copy


Naming Words, (Pg. No. 6, 7) Special Names (Pg. No. 9) More than one Pg. No. 10, 11


Story writing, Thirsty Crow with picture on chart.


Reading of lesson- 1, 2, 3, 4 Pg. No. 5 to 10


Writing- Write Page No. 1 to 10




Learn Table- 2 to 13 and Number Name 1 to 100

Writing unit - 2 Number up to 1000 page No. 77 to 93 exercise 2.1 to 2.9


Table 2 to 20 write in chart number Name 1 to Hundred


Reading practice of lesson 1, 2, 3, 3 Page No. 191 to 211


Write Que./ Ans. 3 times in note Book (Each lesson)


Main parts of body (Make diagram) Pg. No. 191 living thing and non living thing make chart. 




English:-Lesson – 1 & 2 (practice book-The king & the bees, Cat sleep anywhere).Learn & complete –more than one, He & she words in grammar book. Learn lesson 1 to 3 (Question , answer & exercise ).Read  one page of any story book every day  & find some difficult words ( at least 25 ).

Mathematics:-Crystal Practice book page no. 44 to 57. Write & learn number name 5oo to 1000.Make a chart of abacus.

Science:- Paste a pictures of different water resources (at least six). Make a chart of animals and plants  dependent on each other.

Social Science:- Make a model of  Earth. Paste World map & mark the continents & ocean with Different colors. For  Continents use brown and for ocean blue.


English:-Crystal practice  book lesson -1 & 2.Write & read one page daily from English story book. Make a chart of famous scientist of India describe their life & achievements. Learn all Question answer + part of speech done in class. Find  new  50 words from dictionary.

Mathematics:- Crystal practice book page no.46 to 58.Write & learn Roman numerals 1 to 100. Make a chart of measuring instruments.

Science:- Paste the pictures of plants that grow in a particular habitat (for eg. Plains, mountains).Draw a chart of different kind of foods we get from plants & animals. ( eg. pulses, cereals, vegetables, fruits, oil seeds & flesh).

Social Science:- Collect maps of different continents ,countries and make your own Atlas. Prepare a chart of showing the  occurrence of  day and night given in Book Crystal   No.-332


English:-Crystal practice book lesson 1& 2. Write & read one page daily from English story book. Make a chart of all types sentences..Learn all Question & answer. Write new words from dictionary, story book & news paper.

Mathematics:-Crystal practice book page no. 51 to 69.Write & learn Roman numerals 1 to 200.         Make a chart of Indian place value system & International place value system.

Science :- Germinate a few gram seeds & pea seeds in two different  pots. Observe them every day. Write your observation in your notebook.   Make a chart two main types of habitats.                                                                                                                                           

Water (Ocean- whales & dolphin) (Land – forests, deserts, polar region &mountains).

Social Science :- Solve work sheet No.1 .Make a chart of longitudes and latitudes and grid on the earth. Paste all continents maps in scrap book. Paste  political map  of the India represent different states with using different colours.  




CLASS  - 6th  ( 2019-20) SUMMER Holiday Home Work


Complete given worksheet 1 & 2. Learn keywords of chapter 1 & 2.

Make a chart as per as given list in class (only one). Collect cereal, pulses, oilseed, spices, fruits, vegetable, fibers and fabrics, and arrange in a chart.


Learn and write lesson 1, 2, 3Questions/ Answers  and grammar of English textbook. English grammar part of the sentence (Subject & predicate). Make a chart of Indian Freedom Fighters. Write a paragraph on an Indian Freedom Fighter you admire the most. Read English Newspaper or any story books and find out 50 difficult words and find meaning of these words from dictionary.


Solve worksheet 1 & 2. Make any one model by using geometrical shapes. Make a day temperature table of 15 days. Learn table upto 25, and make a chart also.

Social Science:

Chapter 1 & 2 (History), Chapter 1 (Civics) , Chapter 1 (Geography) - Read and write the questions/ answer 3 times. Some important dates 3 times. 5 sentences on festivals Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Dussehra, Id-Ul-Juha. Short note on “Unity in diversity”. (150 words). Make a chart or model of Solar System. Activity questions of chapter 1 & 2.




CLASS  - 7th  ( 2019-20) SUMMER Holiday Home Work


Mathematics-  (1) Solve worksheet 1 and 2. (in maths copy) (2) Make a chart of  “Angles made by  Transversal cutting two Parallel Lines. (3)Make a chart of “ All types of angles”.(4) Make a Table of “consumption  of Ration in one month in your house.”  (A4 sheet)

English - (1) Write a descriptive Essay on- “The cultural diversity of India” in your own notebook.                                                      (2) Write 50 new words from Dictionary in Alphabatically. (3)English Grammer-The sentence  (Unit,Parts, Composition,Kind of sentences (4) Learn and Write L-1,2,3 Questions Answers and Grammer of English Textbook.

Social Science -(1)Make  Charts of   2-History, 1-Civics , 1-Geography (2)Write a short note on Amir Khusarou.(3)Visit an Archive and make a list of items you see there. (4)Imagine an ideal environment where you would love to live. Draw the picture of your ideal environment.  

Science - (1) Make a chart .(Given list).(2) Solve Worksheet 1and 2.(3) Learn all the key words of Chapter 1,2.

हिंदी  - (१) प्रतिदिन एक पेज सुलेख लिखिए . (२)वसंत पाठ-२,३  का सार लिखिए . (३) कार्य पुस्तिका  पृष्ठ  क्रमांक ९,१७ , व्याकरण पुस्तिका पेज क्रमांक ६६,८२ पूर्ण करो . (४) व्याकरण पुस्तिका   पाठ १-५ का अभ्यास कार्य  करो .(५) पंचतंत्र एवं मंदिर मस्जिद पुस्तक पढ़कर कहानी के पात्रों  का चरित्र चित्रण करो ,कहानी से प्राप्त शिक्षा  लिखिए .


CLASS  - VIII ( 2019-20)SUMMER Holiday Home Work

SCIENCE:- Collect different types of seeds & put them in small bags. Attach these bags in a scrapbook and label them. Prepare a colorful chart of ‘nitrogen cycle’ given in NCERT book (pg. no. 27).

MATHEMATICS:-Solve worksheet 1 & 2.Make a chart of quadrilateral and their properties. Make a chart of definition and rules of chapter 1 & chapter 2.Write a note on anyone mathematician.

 ENGLISH:- Buzzword – Project file The Vulture and Great Spirit.

Contribution of a great people in their own field.

Mother Teresa ,Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein(With pictures)

Writing Part: Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her on your sister’s marriage. Write a short story on how you spend your summer vacations. Prepare a poster on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.


SOCIAL STUDIES:- Different famous place of Bhopal with pictures.

Make a chart of different resources and their example – land, soil, water, natural vegetation etc. Learn all chapters done in class


CLASS  - 9th  ( 2019-20) SUMMER Holiday Home Work


CHEMISTRY- Learn and write questions/ answers of Ch. 1.  Prepare any one activity

PHYSICS- Learn and write NCERT questions/ answers of Ch 8

BIOLOGY- Make a chart as per as given in class according to the Roll no. Learn NCERT questions/ answers of Ch 5

MATHEMATICS -Solve worksheet 1 and 2. Make a chart of formulas of Polynomial. Make a  chart of all    

            types of lines and shapes with properties.

ENGLISH: Project file:Prepare a file on all famous hospitals of  Kolar  with name of  doctors who are the  

            part of that hospital.

  • Write a story on “Lots Chell and adventures of Toto
  • Writing part : Write a story in 200-250 words with help of the clues given below and give a suitable title:  The cried save! Save! Help !    alarmed you. And you run in the direction from which the cries were coming .you saw a house fire and people desperately trying to do use it you………..

SOCIAL STUDIES:   Prepare map file of according to given list. Prepare a project file on the topic- Unity in diversity of      

              the India .Explain it with the help of at least 10 states of India.

HINDI: IkkB -xn; [kM ,Oka d`frdk ls ikB 1 dk lkjka’k fyf[k,A vyadkj ,oa lekl dk pkVZ mnkgj.k lfgr cukb;sA lu~ 1857 es Hkkx ysus okys LorUrzrk   

           lsukfu;ks ds ckjs esa fyf[k,A fdUgh 2 ys[kd ,oa dfo;ks dk thou ifjp; fyf[k,A lR;kxzg ,oa ued dk njksxk iqLrd i<dj ikrzks dk pfjrz

           fprz.k rFkk dgkuh ls izkIr f’k{kk fyf[k,A


CLASS  - X ( 2019-20)SUMMER Holiday Home Work

English :-  1. Project file :- On Swachh Vidyalay with picture.

                    2.  Writing Part:-  Latter to the editor a local newspaper requesting him to highlight about                                                   green revolution.  Write an article on the topic  keeping wedding a simple as possible you are Ram/Ritu.

                    3. Story writing:- Hint for story “Ramesh and Rohan  ---  close friend ----- misunderstanding a rift -- - for                    month.”

Mathematics :-  NCERT Chapter  - 1,2. Activity – 2/7, 3/4.Worksheet ( Chapter – 1 and 2 )

Social Science :-   Prepare map file according to given list. Prepare a project file on disaster management with at least                      five natural disasters. Read and revise all the chapter done in class. Make a report on election – 2019

Science :- Biology- Make a chart on topic which is  given  according to Roll No. Learn and write keywords and NCERT           Questions and answer of life process Nutrition, Respiration ,circulation and excretion with diagram.

                 Physics - Chart of human eye. Defects of vision  (Myopia, Hypermtropia and correction of defects.)

                   Examples of reflection and refraction with short note.

                Chemistry -Different chemical reaction chart. Periodic- table. Model of CH4, C2H5 with help of balls.