Our School

Green Valley School's philosophy can be summed up  quiet simply - We believe that education should give primacy to three basic principles -it should combine  modern knowledge with traditional wisdom; it should open young minds to the joy of learning and it should give students a sense of pride in their country.

Education is more than just passive absorption of text-book knowledge. It should as far as possible try to recreate in the class room the thrill that the great thinkers must have felt when they first made their discoveries. This is not easy, but much can be done by adopting a problem solving approach , by innovative teaching methods, and by letting young minds have free play. Assimilation of new knowledge should be an adventure rather than mechanical exercise, this is the second tenet of our philosophy.

Finally patriotism. We Indians are the inheritors of a great heritage. It should be our endeavour to give the students some understanding of the great contribution that our country has made to civilization , so that they grow up with a  sense of pride in being Indians.

To sum up - our objective is to create young men and women of faith and conviction who have open and enquiring minds with a scientific and rational temper, and who are patriots without being narrow-minded bigots.